Fienix repository contains many exciting programs and games that are not available in Debian or Ubuntu repositories. Some of these are: 

Arctic Fox:  Web browser forked from Pale Moon, which itself is a fork of Mozilla Firefox with substantial divergence. Arctic Fox is the best performing browser available on PowerPC Linux and is now the default browser for Fienix. 

Alephone:  Enhanced game engine to play Bungie's Marathon trilogy and other games; packages for Marathon, Marathon 2 Durandal, Marathon Infinity, Eternal, RubiconX, & Tempus Irae are also included in Fienix (Marathon Trilogy was released for no-charge distribution by Bungie)

Hero of Allacrost:  Single-player RPG with emphasis on storytelling and character building

BRL-CAD:  Solid modeling CAD program

DNT:  Single-player satirical post-apocalyptic RPG

Hexoshi:  Metroid inspired action-adventure platformer

JVGS:  Artistic, minimalistic platformer 

Liberation Circuit:  RTS with attractive, abstract graphics

NetRadiant:  3D game editor compatible with idTech, Darkplaces, and ioquake3 game engines

Project::OSiRiON:  3D space combat and trading game

ReTux:  Side-scrolling platform game

RetroBlazer:  3D FPS with retro-inspired, bright, colorful graphics

X-Men The Ravages of Apocalypse:  FPS released for no-charge distribution by Zero Gravity Entertainment

Xonotic:  Arena FPS

Wyrmsun:  RTS

Fienix repository contains programs and games that have PowerPC bug fixes and/or configuration optimizations not included in the Debian or Ubuntu releases. These include: 
Basilisk2:  Macintosh emulator

ioquake3: Enhanced game engine for Quake 3 Arena and Open Arena; the package for Open Arena is also included in Fienix

LMMS:  Digital audio workstation

Minetest:  Sandbox crafting game

SuperTuxKart: Kart racing game (thanks xeno74)

Trackballs 3D:  3D marble game

VLC:  Multimedia player 

Yamagi:  Enhanced game engine for Quake 2

If there is an application or game you'd like to have added to the Fienix repository, you can submit a Software Request