A-EON X5000 Instructions
You will need an 8 GB or larger USB disk

Prepare the USB Disk
  1. Click the above "Download Fienix" button to download the image
  2. Copy the image to a USB disk
  3. Use GParted to increase the "FIENIX-DISK" partition to the size of your USB disk (Partition menu, then Resize/Move)
Boot to Fienix
  1. Begin with your A-EON X5000 system powered down and insert the USB disk into a USB port - remove any other USB disks that are plugged in
  2. Power on your system and press ESC when the boot animation starts to load the U-Boot menu
  3. Choose "Command Prompt" from the U-Boot menu
  4. Type the following commands exactly as they appear below (ENTER after each line):
usb reset
setenv bootargs root=/dev/sdb2 rootdelay=5
fatload usb 0:1 1000000 uImage-5.17
fatload usb 0:1 1c00000 cyrus-p5020.dtb

bootm 1000000 1c00000
Default username and password:
Username:  fienix
Password:  fienixPW
Root Password:  rootAdminPW

Need Help?
See Troubleshooting