Thank you for your interest in donating to the Fienix Project!

Fienix has been a completely self-funded project; however, there are current and upcoming obstacles that you can help Fienix overcome with a donation. Any donation, no matter how small, helps support Fienix and ensure the long-term stability of the project.

Your donation will help the Fienix Project: 

  • Purchase testing hardware:
    • Provide better support for target systems by Apple
    • Provide better support for a wider variety of GPUs
    • Provide a better user experience for all target systems 
    • Potentially expand support to Apple G4 systems DONE! Thank you donors!
  • Develop an installation ISO DONE! Thank you donors!
  • Continue repository hosting
  • Any excess funds will be contributed to projects which are complementary to the Fienix Project, and which the Fienix Project directly benefits from

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