A-EON X1000 Instructions
You will need an 8GB or larger USB disk

Prepare the USB Disk
  1. Click the "Download Fienix" button to download the image
  2. Copy the image to a USB disk
  3. Use GParted to increase the "FIENIX-DISK" partition to the size of your USB disk (Partition menu, then Resize/Move)
Boot to Fienix
IMPORTANT:  CFE firmware does not recognize USB devices on power-up unless they are connected to the first USB port, which is normally reserved for the keyboard. You will need to insert the USB disk AFTER you have entered CFE. Alternatively, you may use a USB hub to connect both the keyboard and the USB disk to the first USB port. These instructions will assume that when using a USB stick you will insert it in the top left USB port on the front of the AmigaOne X1000 case AFTER you have entered CFE. It is not possible to boot Fienix off an Amiga FFS partition.
  1. Begin with your A-EON X1000 system powered off, power it on and press F to enter CFE command line
  2. Enter the following commands exactly as they appear below (ENTER after each line):
setenv bootargs "root=LABEL=FIENIX-DISK rootdelay=5"
ramdisk -z -addr=0x24000000 -fatfs usbdisk0:initrd.img
boot -elf -noints -fatfs -z usbdisk0:zImage-5.7
Default username and password: 
Username:  fienix
Password:  fienixPW
Root Password:  rootAdminPW

Need Help?
See Troubleshooting

Fienix Image SHA1 Checksum: